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Welcome to Fran Sisco!

Fran is in the beginning stage of reliving life differently – fresh, less pressured and stressed, more in the present, fulfilling lifetime dreams, exhiliaratingly. Almost like being reincarnated on earth without dying first. On this page is a sampling of videoclips, essays, audio mp3s, and photos. Because of being a transgender woman (since 1/1/11 living full time as a female and over 50 years as a male) and because of her set of skills and experiences, Fran believes she offers people certain helpful unique perspectives on life and on financial management matters.
Note – For more information, please call Fran on her cell at 914.589.1013

Fran Sisco Photo Standing At Pose Party 9-14Photo2_FrancisSisco_BlackAndWhiteDress__0409  copyPhoto_FrancisSiscoAndIanHarvie_TransPrideEventIMG_July2010